Guide to The Process, principles and skills of advanced life coaching

Zoran Todorovic, Ushma Patel, Soleira Green, and Jane MacAllister Dukes

Evolution is not a million-year process where we go merrily along for the ride.  Every breath and every action we take has the opportunity, the potential to evolve Life everywhere.  This is the Evolutionary Dance.  This is the work—and play—of Evolutionary Strategists.

Coaches hold in our collective hands the power to evolve and create a different world, a world that recognizes that we are all interconnected as one and that we are here to become completely and fully all that we are as unique individuals. It is time to evolve our profession and create that world. It is time to move beyond coaching everyday success to coaching the evolution of humanity and of global transformation.

Through this Advanced Evolutionary Coaching Training textbook and programme we will help you to re-connect profoundly to your own magnificence and from there, discover how to coach and facilitate the movement of the human experience through its path of evolution.

This textbook will help you become more skilled as an evolutionary coach and train you to become an Evolutionary Strategist.

What's being said about the Book

"This Advanced Coach Training program goes beyond skills to using your whole self to ignite possibilities in the minds and hearts of others. Isn't it time you leap to the next level of your coaching? This book will take you there."

Dr. Marcia Reynolds

“This is going to become one of the classic coaching manuals. Coach training goes to the next level. There is so much in the book of value to new and seasoned coaches alike!”

Martin Haworth

"I am ecstatic about this book finally coming out! This work was birthed many years ago and it is definitely time it is released into the universe in the form of a book. This is the future of coaching and bringing the consciousness of humanity and organizations to a new level.“

Nancy Hughes


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