The main purpose of this membership section is to create a community away from any public, corporate, or social media outlets. It is a safe space for people to interact who are sincerely interested in the topics, and related subjects, I share on my website.

The majority of people I meet, talk to and who follow my work, share how lonely they are and that they have no one to genuinely talk to about these topics or their own personal process and experiences. We all know that seeking truth and embarking on the path towards awakening can, indeed, be a lonely road at times. We cannot relate to our old ways anymore!

However, we cannot do this work on our own all the time. Especially in this day and age, where it is important to connect with fellow seekers and create community — a place where we can help / support each other based on an understanding of the inter-relationship and inter-connectedness of All That Is while keeping everyone’s individuality and sovereignty respected.

Our forums serve as a safe space for members to discuss various topics and share their experiences with fellow members from all over the world. It is a place to learn, share, and process together. It is also for individuals who are committed with the sincere intention and drive to gain knowledge, seek truth, and engage in the necessary internal work for themselves and the evolution of human consciousness!


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