Conscious Minds Unleashed

with Dr. Samuel Lee

Introducing “Conscious Minds Unleashed” with Dr. Samuel Lee a ground-breaking conversation delving into the intersection of psychiatry, plant medicine, psychedelics, and quantum morphogenetic physics. Dr. Lee, a true pioneer in the field, brings over a decade of experience in western psychiatry alongside a deep understanding of holistic approaches to mental health.

In this episode Zoran and Samuel challenges traditional norms and invites listeners to explore a new global paradigm of mental wellness. Rooted in unity, compassion, truth, and the boundless potential of human consciousness, his vision redefines how we perceive and approach mental health.
We will explore thought-provoking topics such as:

  1. A New Global Paradigm of Mental Wellness: Dive into Dr. Lee’s innovative approach to mental health, centered around unity and compassion.
  2. The Future of Mental Wellness: Discover the evolving landscape of mental health and possibilities for future advancements.
  3. The One Disease Model: Uncover Dr. Lee’s unique perspective on mental illness and its underlying causes.
  4. The Heart Protocol: Learn about Dr. Lee’s transformative protocol for mental well-being, rooted in the heart’s intelligence.
  5. 12 Stranded DNA: Explore the potential implications of understanding and activating our full genetic potential.
  6. True History of Mother Earth: Gain insights into the interconnectedness of humanity and our planet’s history.
  7. The Vision of a New Earth: Envision a future where mental wellness is prioritized, and humanity thrives in harmony with each other and the Earth.

Dr. Samuel Lee MD, is a true pioneer in psychiatry, plant medicine, psychedelics and quantum morphogenetic physics. After extensive training and 10+years practicing western psychiatry, Dr. Lee is challenging traditional norms by cultivating a new global paradigm of mental health rooted in unity, compassion, truth and the limitless potential of human consciousness.



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