Soulful Creations

with Alexcia Panay

Welcome to “Soulful Creations with Alexia,” where art, theater, and channeled creativity converge to inspire and uplift.

In her work, Alexia takes us on a journey into the heart of intentional spaces, where art transcends boundaries to create unique and sacred experiences. When you join Alexia, you’ll experience the magic of live performances as they become a testament to the divine, igniting a sense of wonder and awe within you. With her typewriter as a conduit, Alexia channels collective poetry and messages, weaving together the shared consciousness of the audience. Join us in this conversation as we delve into the mystery of the moment, immersing ourselves in the here and now to foster deeper self-awareness and connection.

Together, we celebrate the beauty of life and the gift of existence itself, feeling seen, held, and in greater harmony with ourselves and one another. Tune in to the “Soulful Creations with Alexia” podcast and embark on a transformative journey of creativity, connection, and celebration. About:

Alexcia Panay, a luminary navigating the realms of poetry, space holding, ceremonial arts, performance, and soul remembrance. In the intricate dance of her being, she is the weaver of stories, guiding individuals to unravel the threads of their authentic voice, essence, and creativity. Alexcia stands as a steadfast sanctuary, inviting all beings to bask in the tender embrace of acceptance while resonating with the harmonious frequency of truth. In the luminosity of her life’s tapestry, her work mirrors the transformative power of surrender, the beauty of authenticity, and the profound connection that emerges when we embrace the mysteries of our own existence. Just as her antique typewriter dances across the pages, so too does Alexcia dance with the essence of life, leaving an indelible poetic imprint on the hearts of those she touches.



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