Privacy Policy

1) Cookies

  • 1.1 When you use, small files known as cookies are inserted into your device to collect information about your online activity and how you browse its pages mainly to remember what you’ve already seen so you’re not shown it again.
  • 1.2 I also use cookie data to update and improve user experience but this will never be used to identify you or to collect or store your personal data.

2) Data Security

  • 2.1 I ensure that your data is as safe as is reasonably possible while it is processed and stored, including encryption of your personal information using SSL technology. I have set up secure systems and processes to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of your data.
  • 2.2 In sharing your personal data with the Zoran Todorovic organisation you accept that no method of data transmission or storage can ever be guaranteed 100% secure.

3) Your Rights

  • 3.1 You can request a copy of your personal data; that anything inaccurate in your personal data is corrected immediately; or that your personal data is erased at any time. Please contact my team at

4) The Types of Personal Data I Collect

  • 4.1 I collect personal information and usage data from you.
  • 4.2 Personal information includes your name, mobile / phone number, email address and bank card information (card number, expiry date, and billing address).
  • 4.3 Usage data includes information about you and your computer / device used to access the Zoran Todorovic website,

5) How and When I Collect that Personal Data

  • 5.1 I collect personal information at the time you give it to me and when you communicate with me. This includes when you communicate with myself or, by mobile phone or email; when you join an event; when you sign up for my newsletter; or when you purchase a product from my web site.
  • 5.2 I collect usage data when you use the Zoran Todorovic website,, including your ‘open’ and ‘unsubscribe’ interactions with the emails and newsletters I send.

6) How I Use Your Personal Data

  • 6.1 I may use your personal information and usage data for optimising and enhancing the performance, functionality and user experience of the Zoran Todorovic website,, especially to make it quicker, easier and clearer to sign up for events or complete digital processes / transactions.

7) How I Share Your Personal Data

  • 7.1 If you write to me, you agree that a member of my team may receive and answer your email on my behalf.
  • 7.2 Only members of have access to your personal data; that access is strictly within the remit of their job specification; and they have all signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, without exception.
  • 7.3 Sometimes I may share anonymous data with third parties such as Google Analytics to gauge the success of certain website pages or groups I offer.

8) How Long I Retain Your Personal Data

  • 8.1 I keep your personal data for as long as it is needed for communication purposes and however long the law and any contractual obligations require me to.
  • 8.2 I retain your email data until you Unsubscribe from my newsletter.

9) Erasing Your Personal Data

  • 9.1. When you request that we delete your personal data, my team will first of all ask you to confirm your identity. They will then send you an “Erase Personal Data” confirmation request to the email address linked to your Member account / details.
  • 9.2 After you confirm, your Member account including any active subscriptions will be deleted and your personal data will be removed from all mailing lists.
  • 9.3 Please note I am required to retain your request for erasure including the nature of that request, plus how and when it was executed. I am also legally required to leave any financial records pertaining to past order numbers in Stripe, PayPal, WordPress, and WooCommerce for 7 years.


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