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8-Week Online Transformation Course with Zoran Todorovic

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Start Living a Life that Works with You Not Against You

Core Stability provides us with a strong internal compass so that life’s challenges don’t stray us away from our true purpose and potential.

When faced with life’s challenges, many of us often lose sight of our true purpose and are moved into living in a state of reacting to life. We reactively choose our career based on finances, we spend hours working on relationships that don’t serve us, we don’t consider new opportunities based on our insecurities… In this state, we are no longer guided by our internal compass and cannot create the life we know we deserve to live.

In this 8-Week Online Transformative Course, we will work on shifting our mind frame, changing our thoughts and behaviors and creating a daily life that allows us to enter the flow of abundance, ease and love.

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What awaits you in the Core Stability Online Course:

The Wisdom to Change
The teachings of this course will guide you on how to improve and transform all areas of your life from your values and beliefs to your relationships, from your finances to your health and spirituality.

The Support to Change
Transformative journeys are never easy when embarked upon alone. In this 8-week journey, group coaching sessions, private chat groups and a supportive community will be there to support you every step of the way.

The Act to Change
This course will challenge you to live out everything you have learned. You will be implementing the teachings through meditations and practical exercises that will immediately impact the way you live your life.

8-Steps to Core Stability:
Here is what awaits you each week of this online transformative course:

Step 1 – STOP SETTLING:  Explore and release anything that does not serve your purpose.

Step 2 – UNDERSTAND AND MEET YOUR PERSONAL BEST NEEDS:  Discover your needs, prioritize them and learn how to meet them.

Step 3 – LIVE YOUR VALUES:  Become aware of your true values and learn how to live in alignment with them.

Step 4 – FIND COMPLETION:  Uncover, work through and release unresolved issues in your life.

Step 5 – CREATE BALANCE:  Discover how to ensure all aspects of your life receive the attention they deserve.

Step 6 – CHERISH YOUR BODY:  Nurture your physical body so that it can support you in achieving your true potential.

Step 7– CREATE FINANCIAL EASE AND GRACE:  Examine your relationship with money and how you can use it as a tool to serve your life instead of the other way around.

Step 8 – EMBRACE FABULOUS HABITS:  Invite more grace and ease into your life with mindful new habits.

What is Included in the 8-Week Core Stability Course?

8-Step Core Stability Teaching Materials
Gain lifetime access to 8 video teachings on how to strengthen your core: values, emotions, health, relationships and soul – to bring abundance, joy, authenticity and greater stability to your life.


Companion Workbook: Each chapter of this practical workbook is devoted to a specific step in the Core Stability program and contains prompts for reflection and space for recording notes, goals and next actions so you can return and revise as you go through the course and beyond.

Audio Downloads: Download audio files of all teachings to your device so you can learn where and when you want to!

Meditation Bundle:
Internalize the teachings and tap into your inner wisdom with 3 powerful-guided Quantum Meditations:

Meditation 1: Connection
Meditation 2: Expansion
Meditation 3: Creation

Bonus Teaching 1: You Can Change your Life NOW

Bonus Teaching 2: Set Boundaries to Power your Core Stability for Life

Bonus Teaching 3: The Power of Your Intuition

Bonus Teaching 4: Follow your True Heart Desire

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More about your trainer:
Zoran Todorovic

Rated as one of the Top 20 Coaches in London in 2020, Zoran Todorovic is a Master Certified Coach and Facilitator at TNM Coaching with over 20 years of experience as a Life and Executive Coach. Throughout his career he has worked with over 100,000 people from all walks of life across the world.

Along with teaching classes and presenting at conferences around the world, Zoran has published two books: Feeling of Success and the Profitable Coach. He has contributed and appeared in prestigious publications such as Fortune Magazine, Investors’ Business Daily, Harvard Communications Newsletter, The Carrier Path and The Shortcut.

Zoran has found his true purpose in coaching people and companies around to the world to maximize and create a powerful presence, enhance their energetic influence and align themselves with the laws of attraction.

What people are saying:

Zoran is one of the most talented coaches on the planet and one of the best teachers I have ever had.  He leads with integrity from a deep intellect and expertise, in a playful and creative way that always pushes the envelope in terms of what is possible.  Avail yourself of any opportunity to work with him! …. Deb B

Zoran is my number one inspiration when it comes to coaching and supporting my clients in their breakthroughs.  He has that perfect combination of light-heartedness, spirituality and professionalism in an absolutely perfect mix! …. Aida G

Zoran is one of the most unique and inspiring coaches you could ever hope to work with.  He has created a unique and influential coaching organization that brings coaching and training on a large scale to top leaders in the business world.  As one of the pioneers of global coaching, Zoran is constantly in the forefront of the development of coaching and the evolution of leadership and consciousness in people and organisations. …. Torkel S


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