Evolutionary Coach Training – Master


This Master Class is a structured program of facilitated, group and individual learning. The program is designed for devoted professionals committed to their personal growth on the path of becoming a Master Coach. This program builds on the knowledge you have gained in learning foundational coaching skills with any Coaching school. This program will empower your ongoing development to become an extraordinary and skilful Master Coach.


This program is designed to strengthen key coaching skills and give you advanced coaching skills for your further development. This training and mentoring experience is designed to hone on core ICF coaching competencies to increase your confidence in ICF competencies. And then to introduce new advanced coaching competences.

You qualify for this program if you:

  • Are currently coaching
  • Have either completed or are close to completing any other ICF certified foundation coach training program
  • Have completed a minimum of 125 coach training hours and 100 hours of coaching

  • Coaching state of mastery
  • Full presence in a coaching dialog
  • Focused listening skills
  • Evocative coaching questioning
  • Direct and effective communication
  • Mega expanded state of being

Before you register, please note:

  • You will need to be available to participate in virtual classes via Zoom between 09:00–17:00 CET each day.
  • This program is delivered in three modules which must be completed consecutively in the same intake*. This provides you with a close-knit environment where you can develop relationships with others in your cohort and learn and apply your skills at the right pace.
  • We offer one intake* for the Master Evolutionary Coaching Training program each year. If you are unable to participate in all three modules during the same intake, please consider registering for the program the following year.

Important information

Available dates
*Module 1: 22–25 January 2025
*Module 2: 20-22 February 2025
*Module 3: 20-22 March 2025

Cost: 4,000

All prices exclude VAT.

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