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We need to tap into our superhuman abilities and power of community to build a new life and new world.

As a member of the Interconnected Tribe, we can promise you that your life, your dreams, your goals, your sense of well-being will all soar. You will connect to your living mind, your living heart and soul…., and you will find a family and a community that supports and celebrates you in every way.

Club House Interconnected

Join our Interconnected Club on the Club House App to grow and evolve beyond your imagination.  If you do not have the Club House App you can download it here (currently only available for iPhone)

Join Zoran every Thursday at 2:00 pm CET (Central European time) in our Interconnected Room for a chat on How to Live your Best Life.

We cannot wait to see you there!

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What is included?
Here are a few highlights…

Daily inspiration
& weekly emails from Zoran

Start every week with a healthy dose of inspiration and accountability for your daily practices.


The moment you join, these courses are yours for FREE. They are your portal to the Coaching Support System that is just waiting to help you lead the life you were meant to live.

Weekly live

Our private community is a gathering place for the Interconnected Tribe. Every week Zoran will teach, talk, dream, imagine and laugh with you.


Access some of Zoran’s favourite and most powerful live talks.


Breathe a little easier. Relax. Find peace. These journeys and meditations allow you to tune into your spirit so that you can feel supported and uplifted.


As a special perk, receive up to 50% off workshops, online courses, and more.

Interconnected Community

Get weekly lessons from Zoran, feel uplifted by group support, find your voice to share your story, and freely ask and answer questions. This community is your place to shine.

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