Zoran Todorovic

Global Keynote Speaker

Fun & Interactive

Inspiring & Motivating

“Fantastic speaker with enthusiasm, passion, and fun. Highly engaging, I am still under the inspiration of his speech on leadership!”

Zoran Todorovic is an international speaker, who has spoken on stages across the globe. He has delivered hundreds of talks to thousands of people, speaking to and with the best in the industry.

So – you’re looking for your next speaker to inspire, engage and motivate your team, audience, staff or community – Zoran is an unorthodox speaker that will bring an entirely new dimension to your event and leave your audience speechless.

Some of Zoran’s favourite speaking topics include:

  • Sustainable Wellbeing – When people feel well, they perform at their best
  • Creating a Winning Team – Winning performance through collaboration
  • Spiritual Intelligence – Leadership super power
  • Unleash business potential, power, and purpose

In addition, Zoran will provide extremely valuable resources that can be shared in advance or after event with all attendees. These include online membership, subscriptions, books, and bespoke material.

An Interactive Experience

Zoran encourages participation from the audience in the form of interactive group coaching, where your audience can ask questions, and go as deep as they like. This ensures that all the participants walk away from Zoran’s speaking experience with answers they are looking for and with solid actions they can take to move their businesses or life to the next level.

Some of the world’s best organisations have booked Zoran:
Siemens, WEF, Xylem, Maersk, Ericsson, Qatar Airways, Carlsberg, Nestle, Novo Nordisk, Societe Generale, Microsoft, Google, Farfetch, Ramboll, Kering, LVHM, etc.

What's being said about Zoran

“I really enjoyed Zorans keynote. Lots of insights to share with my leadership team. Thank you!"

Senior Executive, Maersk

“A wonderful job. The talk was motivating, thoughtful, and so well delivered."

Senior Executive, Nokia

“Zoran inspired us to work on ourselves as leaders and lead the transformation. The value of the change tool was spot on. Thank you!”

VP, Net-A-Porter


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