7 Levels of Wellbeing – By David Papa

How to Thrive Regardless of Circumstances: The 7 Levels of Wellbeing

There are 7 factors that we need to activate in order to thrive, regardless of the circumstances. These 7 aspects are present in all of us. We can use them to be more effective at work and in our personal lives. They can help us grow in times of ease and help us navigate in times of uncertainty.

These 7 aspects have emerged from the last 40 years of social science research into human engagement. They have also come from ancient wisdom traditions that studied human thriving.

In this online discussion you will learn these 7 levels, assess yourself in these 7 areas, get practical tips for how to use each level to help yourself and help those around you. By the end you will have new ideas to move you forward and have a greater capacity to thrive.


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