How to Develop and Retain talent

with Robert Kahn

In this episode, we explore the power of recognition and rewards in retaining talent. We are discussing ways to develop talent in the meaningful and engaging way and how to acknowledge and celebrate talent contributions.

Some of the strategies can include:

Clear Career Paths:

  • Provide employees with a clear understanding of potential career paths within the organization.
  • Offer training programs and resources to help them acquire the necessary skills for career advancement.

Training and Development:

  • Invest in continuous learning and development opportunities for employees.
  • Offer workshops, seminars, and online courses to enhance skills and keep employees engaged.

Effective Onboarding:

  • Ensure a comprehensive and engaging onboarding process for new employees.
  • Clearly communicate organizational values, goals, and expectations to align them with the company culture.

Regular Feedback and Recognition:

  • Establish a culture of regular feedback, both constructive and positive.
  • Recognize and reward achievements to make employees feel valued and motivated.

Flexible Work Arrangements:

  • Provide flexible work options to accommodate different lifestyles and promote work-life balance.
  • Consider remote work or flexible schedules to attract a diverse range of talents.

Mentorship Programs:

  • Implement mentorship programs to facilitate knowledge transfer and skill development.
  • Encourage experienced employees to mentor newer team members.

Robert Kahn is a Communication & Leadership Coach and Consultant working in Leadership, Presentation Skills and impact through emotional intelligence. LeaderLike You! is a concept born and developed from Robert’s extensive, worldwide experience and research with RC

Robert Kahn’s roles range from Management Consultant, Corporate and Executive Communication, investor relations, media relations & marketing. Consistently adding value to process, he coaches senior executives, to maximise & create executive presence, through the art of positive influence, including how to talk to and deal with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

He specialises in presentation skills, media training, enabling businesses and individuals get more of want they want with less hassle, more buy-in and desired outcomes. His multilingual talents mean he tailors his trainings personally to suit the culture of the business. His intensive work can be carried out in English, French, German & Spanish.

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