Spiritual Intelligence and Transition from Victim to Creator

with Simon Blackhall

We have within us both “victim” and “creator” consciousness. But what are the choices that can support us to be the creators of our circumstances rather than the victims of them? Is life happening for us or against us? Do we want to awaken through suffering or awaken through choice? And, when given a choice, will we step up and embrace it to be where we need to be next or ignore our options? According to Simon Blackhall, PCC, founder and director of ANIMA, Consciousness Coach, a Keynote Speaker and Teacher, the degree to which we can embrace paradox is the degree to which we will get closer to the truth. In this podcast he joins TNM Coaching’s Zoran Todorovic, MCC to discuss how spiritual intelligence can guide us to an awakened state of mind and how our perspectives and behaviours can move us from victim to creator. Through stories and practical exercises, Simon shares the power of “SOUL”, how to honour the “No”, how to find our centre of gravity between these extremes and channel our energy for a greater purpose.


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